August 29, 2020
12 p.m. - 8 p.m. EDT

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Lar Park Lincoln


Jason Shepard: Winner of the first Cybercon artist contest! - [2020-08-28]

Jason Shepard ArtworX is an illustrator/cartoonist based in Lexington, Kentucky, inspired by retro popular culture, comics, films and cartoons of the past, which is recognizable throughout his work.

Jason is available for custom artwork projects, as well! Contact him for yours!

Instagram: @jasonshepardartworx

Panel Schedule

Celebrity Q&A with Lar Park Lincoln
2020-08-29 12:00 EDT
Come join us as we kick off Scarefest Cybercon with a Q&A from Lar Park Lincoln!
Allen Marston
2020-08-29 13:00 EDT
Join Allen as he takes you on a journey into his mind to compile who he feels is the top ten most sadistic serial killers in history.
Kyl Cobb
2020-08-29 14:00 EDT
TALES of FORGOTTEN LORE— Exploring the idea of Demons
Celebrity Q&A with Catherine Corcoran
2020-08-29 15:00 EDT
If you are a fan of the film "Terrifier" or "Return to Nuke 'Em High" you won't want to miss this Q&A with the lovely Catherine Corcoran!
Richard Estep
2020-08-29 16:00 EDT
Serial Killers- get an EXCLUSIVE first look into Richard's new book "Serial Killers: The Minds, Methods and Mayhem of History's Most Notorious Murders
John and Stacey Edwards
2020-08-29 17:00 EDT
Appalachian Giants, Moon Eyed People, And Other Forbidden History
Nic Brown
2020-08-29 18:00 EDT
Join author Nic Brown as he discusses Werewolves and Wendigos
Patti Starr
2020-08-29 19:00 EDT
Ghost Tour with Patti Starr through historic downtown Lexington

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Wicked Glass & Wanderlust Designs

Hahns Occult Shop

Nic Brown: Author, Filmmaker, Podcaster

Scarefest Media

Spirit Mechanix




Videguy Collectibles

Eric Puckett Designs

The Scarefest Horror Convention

John and Stacey Edwards

Sir KyL Cobb, Demonologist and Historian

The Phoenix Quill Pyrography



B.Good The Artist

About Us

Welcome to the very first Scarefest Cybercon! Cybercon is a child show of The Scarefest Horror and Paranormal convention. The ScareFest is the nation's premier horror and paranormal convention, held in Lexington, KY every fall since 2008! We have hosted hundreds of horror and paranormal guests over the last thirteen years, including names such as George Romero, Robert Englund, Bruce Campbell, Tobin Bell, Danny Trejo, Kane Hodder, and many more!

For years, Scarefest has sought virtual integration into our show so that we can bring Scarefest right into peoples' homes across the world. The ArtFarm platform has allowed us to do this in a way that is a total game changer to virtual conventions!

Please keep in mind this is our pilot show. We expect a certain degree of error, as you would with any show, virtual or in person. We hope to use this as a learning experience for us, our guests and our fans. We would love your feedback to help us build an even better show in the future. Feel free to send any feedback through the Contact form.

Thank you for being here and enjoy the show!