January 9, 2021
12 p.m. - 8 p.m. EDT

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Calling all artists! - [2020-11-02]

As we are approaching our second Cybercon we are looking for ways to help promote artists during our event! The first go around we used stock images for our show room floor navigation. We would love to use your artwork in place of the stock images! The requirements are simple...
-The image must be sized 240x240 and prominently one of the following works "artists" "speakers" "vendors" or "cosplay". You may submit entries to us on facebook or email them to adrienne@thescarefest.com. Thank you!!

Performer List

Stephanie Bingham

John Gritton

Suzanne McComas

Artist List

Eric Puckett Designs

Jon Elliott Art

Vendor List

Spooky4u2 Dolls

The Scarefest Horror Convention


About Us

Welcome to the second installation of Scarefest Cybercon! Cybercon is a child show of The Scarefest Horror and Paranormal convention. The ScareFest is the nation's premier horror and paranormal convention, held in Lexington, KY every fall since 2008! We have hosted hundreds of horror and paranormal guests over the last thirteen years, including names such as George Romero, Robert Englund, Bruce Campbell, Tobin Bell, Danny Trejo, Kane Hodder, and many more!

For years, Scarefest has sought virtual integration into our show so that we can bring Scarefest right into peoples' homes across the world. The ArtFarm platform has allowed us to do this in a way that is a total game changer to virtual conventions!

Feel free to send any feedback through the Contact form.

Thank you for being here and enjoy the show!